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Review for Application of Nanotechnology in Ayurveda

Anushree H.S., Research Assistant, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
Professor (Dr.) Milind Hukkeri, ALNRMAMC, Koppa



Abstract: The science and technology handling the particles for innovative medicines has attracted the world in last few decades. Indian government’s idea to apply the technology is appreciating approach. Ayurveda discloses the already existing practices of nanotechnology with options of improvement. Increased surface area, enhanced bioavailability, rapid onset of therapeutic actions with reduced doses are expected with this technology. A detailed structure-based study of compounds from existing formulations as well as inventions of new formulations with basic formulations are having greater options of researches in this field. Minute understanding of nanotechnology have options for better application of medicines. DNA or gene-based responses of these compounds from formulations will guide for more efficacious personlazed Ayurvedic medicines. Problems of safety and standard of Ayurvedic formulations can be solved using this technology in field of Ayurveda. Nanotechnology can be utilized both in diagnosis and treatment.
Keywords: Nanotechnology, Ayurveda, Nanoparticle, Bhasma, Basti, Personalized medicine……

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