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From Preface :

     Present book is directed at undergraduate and postgraduate students from medical science (BAMS, MBBS) and pharmaceutical science. It may also be helpful to researchers to design their projects. The effort made in this book is to simplify the subject for understanding and use at basic level. For the purpose, topics are explained in terms of probable raising questions and their answers.

     The book is segmented in research methodology and medical statistics parts with appreciation of easy perceiving. 7 chapters are included in each of Research Methodology and Medical Statistics section. Research is not new to Indian medicine, so the chapter starts with citations of research in different ancient texts. Relevance of those citations with present research methodology is time-tested. Illustrations are inserted at appropriate place for understanding. Research designs are classified with basic consideration of aim of research. Instructions about important points to write the research processes are mentioned. Idea about medical ethics, evidence based medicine, scientific writing etc. are presented. Tools and techniques to utilize the information technology for research are added. In Medical Statistics portion, other than the introduction of statistics and medical statistics, basic information of data and use of proper data collection methods are given. It is observed that many of researchers lack the information about the appropriate technique of data presentation, so it is made easy to understand and opt with suitable one. Important parametric and nonparametric tests are shown to be selected according to taken research problems and research design. Some of commonly used statistical softwares are quoted with idea to use for the purpose of statistical analysis.

 Dr. Prashanth Kumar Jha
                                  M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDEE, DIM, GCIP.
Asso. Professor,
A.L.N. Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College & PG Centre,
Koppa, Karnataka.
   Prof. (Dr.) Sanjaya K.S.
                                  MD (Ayu)
A.L.N. Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College & PG Centre,
Koppa, Karnataka.
Price Rs. 250.00
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