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Month: September 2023

Nutritional Values of Fruits of Three Species of Ficus  (Aswvattha, Vata and Udumbara)

Nutritional Values of Fruits of Three Species of Ficus (Aswvattha, Vata and Udumbara)

* Dr. Prashant Kumar Jha, Professor, ALNRMAMC, Koppa Dr. Sanjaya K.S., Head, Dept. of Dravyaguna, ALNRMAMC, Koppa Dr. Shweta Verma, Associate Prof., Dept. of Dravyaguna, DIMS, Dehradun Dr. Vinod Katoch., Associate Prof., Dept. of Dravyaguna, Abhilashi Ayurvedic Medical College, Mandi *Corresponding Author: [email protected] Received on: 28-06-2023            Accepted: 14-07-2023           Corrected: 21-07-2023 Abstract: Background: Many species of Ficus are used for medicinal and food purposes across the globe. F. religiosa, F. benghalensis and F. racemosa are important one used in Ayurveda. Ripe fruits of these species are individually used for different medicinal purposes including blood problems skin diseases etc. These fruits also used for food purposes by tribes in ...
Editorial: August-2023

Editorial: August-2023

American Psychiatric Association refers psychosis to mental conditions with gross impairment in reality testing interfering with daily life-styles. It involves disruptive functions connected with neurodevelopment and neurological conditions. The current approaches also involve the schizophrenia disorders. Delusions, hallucinations and disorders of thought most relevant features. A systematic review and meta-analysis study published in JAMA Psychiatry on 12th July noted around 6% patients with psychosis have clinically relevant radiological abnormalities on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Other studies have mentioned about the consistent reduction in temporoinsular, anterior and cerebellar gray matter reduction in case of psychosis. However, many other reasons are suggested depending upon...