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  1. Cover letter: Authors should briefly mention the importance of submitted work. Confidential information such declaration about related works, conflict of interests or submitted elsewhere etc. should be added. The cover letter is not shared with anyone else including referees. It is subject of members of editorial board.
  2. File format: Unlocked Microsoft word documents with added page number
  3. Font and its size: Times New Roman with 12-point font size
  4. Font and its Size in Headings: Times New Roman with 14-point font size in Bold
  5. Spacing: Double-spaced
  6. Language: English (British)
  7. Abbreviation: First time mentioned abbreviation should be in full form with abbreviation in bracket.
  8. Nomenclature: Drugs: Non-commercialized name
    Genus: Starting with capital letter and in italic
    Species: starting with small letter and in italic
    Binomial nomenclature: Italic with author(s) name
    Unit of measurement: SI units in parentheses
  9. Main manuscript:
    Title: Title must be accommodated within three lines.
    Abstract: It should be in italic.
    Introduction: It should be included with background of study and objectives of study. Reference numbers must be given superscript wherever appropriate.
    Hypotheses: Null and alternative hypotheses should be added (if appropriate)
    Materials and Methods: It should be given with references (wherever appropriate).

For Clinical Study following headings should be covered.

Trial design
Participants details including inclusion and exclusion criteria
Sample Size
Randomization (if applied) details
Statistical methods

For non-clinical laboratory animal testing or analytical study

Study design/ details including animals used and care or chemical used with details of manufacturer Parts of parameters in sections and sub-sections

For review article: Under appropriate headings and sub-headings.

Result: It should be under same sequence as opted under materials and methods. Tables and figures used should be just after first paragraph of concerned headings or sub-headings.
Discussion: Interpretation should be based on results with related benefits or harms. Strengthening sentences should be given with reference numbers. Own idea should be reflected.
Reference style: Harvard or APA

Article Submission Charges: Nil

Article Processing Charges: Nil 

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