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Month: June 2021

Some Antiviral Plant Drugs Used  in Ayurveda and Their Mode of Action

Some Antiviral Plant Drugs Used in Ayurveda and Their Mode of Action

*Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pathak, Divisional Ayurvedic & Unani Officer (Retired), Shahjahanpur, UP*Corresponding author: [email protected] Received: 18-04-2021 Paper Accepted: 12-05-2021 Corrected: 30-05-21 Abstract: Some of pandemics have occurred throughout the history as even Veda refers to causing agents under drishya and adrishya. Viruses and bacteria are dealt under adrishya. Viruses are matter of interest looking to horrible scenario COVID-19. Ayurveda has indicated number of drugs for such cases, maximum being from herbal origins. They work by various modes including interference with life-cycle of viruses, inhibiting replication, disrupting the attachment with host cells etc.       The aim of this paper is to illustrate the antiviral activities of herbs used in Ayur...
Editorial- June

Editorial- June

       Debates to claim certain system of medicine as better or worse than other is harebrained concept as the body does not recognize the system of medicine, but it responds to compounds (drugs) reflected by pharmacological researches. There is no space of claims in medical science. It is totally based on evidences with its sacred aim to serve the humanity with better health.        A holistic approach of wellbeing is in core of Ayurveda while allopathy emphasizes on treatment of symptoms. At molecular level, the interpretation of mode of action of drugs used by both systems reveal similarity, only an expertise interpretation is required. Even, Charak Samhita Vimansthana 8/8 has recommended the rationalities and needed thinking capabilities for teachers.        Recently, curcumin is pres...