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Quality Evaluation of Guduchi Kashaya Preparation With Special Reference to Volume of Water and Amount of Powder

* Dr. Milind Hukkeri, Professor, Dept. of RS & BK, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
Dr. Bhanupriya Bhat, JRF, PPvC, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
Dr. Manjula Y., PG Scholar, Dept. of RS&BK, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
*Corresponding Author: [email protected]
Received on: 18-06-2023            Accepted: 24-06-2023            Corrected: 28-06-2023

Abstract: Background: Kashaya is continuous hot extraction method, mentioned in Ayurveda as one of Panchvidha Kashaya Kalpana. Ayurvedic texts clearly mention the size of powder and quantity of water to be taken for preparation and reducing the quantity to one fourth. Volume of water is based on quantity of powder. Greater volume takes more time in reduction with same flame of heat. Do such variations in volume of water, quantity of powder and duration of heat energy affect the quality of decoction? To find out the answer, this study is conducted.
Materials and Methods: Powder of Yavakuta churna size is prescribed in text. Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India clearly refer to coarse powder for this size. According to prescriptions of Sharangdhara Samhita, quantity of water was taken and decoction was prepared in Pharmacy. Physicochemical analysis was done for total solid, specific gravity, pH and optical density.
Result: Decoctions slightly differed in colour. The intensity of colour was directly proportional to quantity of drug and duration of heat energy. Preliminary phytochemical tests exhibited similar result. The exhibition of absorbance was also in accordance to the quantity powder and duration of heat. Maximum absorbance was noted at 380 nm.
Discussion and Conclusion: Absorbance is directly connected to colour of liquids. The colour depends upon the quality and quantity of compounds present with liquid or decoction. The total solids and pH decoction is also related to amount of compounds or salts present with decoction. Details of differences based on quantitative estimation of compounds is required.
Keywords: Kashaya, Yavakuta Churna, Absorbance, Total Solid………