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Editorial- July 2023

India is nation of diversified cultures with distinguished dietary patterns and food habits. Distinct foods are deeply rooted to history, life-style and customs of specific regions. Still, scientific explanation for merits and demerits of foods based on regional and climatic differences are not studied. Scientific researches for the impacts and necessities of these foods for specific area are required. However, determination of interactions is left on conscious of physicians. It means lots of options are given to do research to find out the positive or negative impacts of combinations of food.

A cohort study published on 25th June in BMC Medicine reveals the association of Mediterranean diet with survival after breast cancer diagnosis in women from nine European countries. Authors concluded with the improvement of long-term prognosis after consuming Mediterranean diet. The diet contains plant foods as cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, tree nuts, seeds, seafood, dairy products and limited use of meats along with regular consumption of olive oil. Many other studies have been reported from different aspects of health as impacts of specific foods on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity etc.

Even, Ayurveda has advocated the types of food depending upon the individual physiology. Charak Sutrasthan 5/5 mentions about the types of food very much related with Mediterranean diet. Charak Vimanasthan 1/5 refers to take the combination of foods without adversary interactions. Number of relationships of types of foods and food habits can be studied in connection with region as Dhokla, Gathiya etc. are specific to Gujarat while Sambar for South Indian states. Why in Mithila region of Bihar curd is more consumed while other parts of India are more reliant upon buttermilk? Why are fishes linked to good luck by people and Bengal? Whether these foods are related with climate and health directly? Many such questions are needed to be solved through health oriented.