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Editorial -November

A report published in The Guardian evinces 22 cities of India among top 30 most polluted cities of world exceeding the guidelines of World Health Organization. The condition is still deteriorating as Central Pollution Control Board recorded poorest air quality in Delhi on 3rd November in last three years. Horrendous air quality level in many of cities of India is result of extremely disagreeable common sense of citizens. Negligence of responsibility towards nature is still not changed among the people. We are still not serious about these killing demons of pollutants. Particulate matter (PM) 2.5 and 10 are main culprits for perverting conditions in these cities. PM 2.5 may penetrate deeper in lungs and bloods resulting deadly diseases of number of organs. Nitrogen dioxide damages mucous membrane. Long term exposure of Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide may also aggravate lungs and heart related damaging physiological alterations.
A research article published in The Lancet Global Health December 2018 reveal the serious concerns over increasing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma as they respectively contribute an average 8.7% and 1.9% deaths. Air pollution was reason behind 53.7% of these deaths. India shares 17.71% of word population but about 32% of pollution burden. In a separate study of The Lancet Global Health published in September 2018 on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), air pollution was responsible for 31.1% cases of CVDs. Cerebrovascular diseases, alterations in neurological development and many other health related problems are common due to increasing air pollution.
Detailed epidemiological studies in major cities is only answer to apprehend the perilous nature of increasing pollution with reference to specific diseases. Even a hospital-based study from enrolled patients can give an idea to policy makers to understand menacing condition. Nothing can be done without public participation. Even shaping of plans and programs can be done through involvement of public. They can also be partner of regulations.

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