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Aroor Ramesh Rao- A True Embodiment of Ayurvedic Wisdom

On the Pious Occasion of Birthday

The Rig Veda writes that thousands of obstacles are result of evil created by biased approach of karma as the karma should be for the benefit of humanity with unbiased approach. It further mentions that one can acquire the wealth of immortality by indulging in charity. Immortality is always associated with soul. Discernment of this deep secret of life makes Honourable Shri Aroor Ramesh Rao, a man of par excellence. He was born on 14th October 1929 in Brahmin family of first mayor of Udupi (Karnataka, India), Late Shri Aroor Lakshminarayana Rao. He inherited blend of culture and education which has long lasting perceptive impressions on his life to work for humanity. He handled his businesses successfully to achieve a new height. He never forgot to share the fruits of benefits with every single employee working for/with him.

Apart from innumerable philanthropic works in terms of helping poor for marriages, health, studying etc., his academic contributions to the world is also remarkable. His book, Astrology in Supplementing in Ayurvedic Healing has earned the fame throughout globe. His enduring approach started a scientific journal, ARMARC to provide scientific approach to Traditional Medicine of India, especially Ayurveda. His idea to make the rural people of Koppa healthy and provide medical education in natural environment is one of firm reasons why he founded ALN Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College in small town of Karnataka. He uses this college to provide the health to every one of the area in one’s own vicinity by regular and repeated conduction of medical camps even in remote of jungle. Recently his idea to contribute the scientific medical data of area (Koppa) based on diseases to government is an appreciating advent intended to help government to frame policy for betterment of the people of Koppa.

God makes pairs in heaven to discharge the assigned duties as per Sanchit Karma. His wife respected Smt. Shantha Ramesh Rao was also born in same month of October on 1936. She is inspiration of all good works done by him for the betterment of human kinds and area. Even his son Shri Aroor Arvind Rao sir is following the same step of his parents.

Sarve Bhawante Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya’, as expounded in the Rig Veda has made him a great soul and we wish him and his life-partner, Smt. Shantha Ramesh Rao a long and healthy life ————- ARMARC

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