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A Clinical Evaluation of Lodhradhanyvacha Lepa on Mild and Moderate Acne vulgaris (Youvana Pidaka)

A Clinical Evaluation of Lodhradhanyakvachadi Lepa on
Mild and Moderate Acne vulgaris (Youvana Pidaka)
*Dr. Jagadish Handiganur, Prapti Clinic, Hubballi, Karnataka
*Corresponding Author:
Paper Received: 21-09-2020 Paper Accepted: 02-11-2020 Corrected: 15-12-20

Abstract: Background: Acne is one most prevalent and common problem affecting 95% of adolescents. It is small elevated inflamed or non-inflamed bumps with blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, cysts or nodules depending upon the severity index. The pathogenesis includes involvement of sebaceous glands, hormones, conrneocytes, keratinization and inflammatory responses. Drugs used in treatment works usually on different aspects to control inflammation and microbial growth along with wound healing properties. In Ayurveda, it is called as Youvana Pidaka. Various formulations are suggested to ameliorate the condition related to Vata, Kapha and Rakta.
Materials and Methods: The lepa (paste) was applied topically to patients with mild and moderate acne. The thickness of paste was maintained around 5 mm. The clinical evaluation was done on 30 patients of age between 14-25 years. Evaluation of severity was done using comprehensive acne severity scale (CASS). Topical application was done daily during day time only.
Result: Number of blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules were observed reduced in statistically significant manner.
Discussion and Conclusion: The ellagic acid and gallic of component drugs cytokines diminishing properties, inhibition of collagen destruction and controlling of hyperpigmentation. The volatile oil of dhanyaka have antimicrobial properties. Many other compounds work together to improve the condition.
Key words: Youvana pidaka, Acne vulgaris, Lodhradhanyavacha Lepa ………….

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