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Standard Operating Procedures For Manufacturing and Analysis of Masha Taila

*Prof. (Dr.) Milind Hukkeri, Dept. RS&BK, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
Anushree H.S., Research Associate, Quality Control Lab., ALNRMAMC, Koppa
Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Kumar Mishra, HOD, Dept. RS&BK, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
*Corresponding Author: [email protected]
Paper Received: 21-01-2021 Paper Accepted: 05-02-2021 Corrected: 16-02-21

Abstract: Background: Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are step by step instructions to achieve uniformity of efficacy and quality. It is becoming mandatory for pharmaceutical industries as the drugs are part of everyone’s life. Ayurvedic pharmaceutical classical texts deal with various types of formulation preparation techniques in written forms. The steps are mentioned based on resources of that time. No complete details based on quality measurements including timings, nature of pots etc. are clearly mentioned. Hence, it is essential to obtain working manual for all types of formulations including Asava-Arishta, Churna, Sneha kalpana etc. Masha Taila is one of Sneha Kalpana taken for the study.
Materials and Methods: Details of manufacturing process was given in steps, one followed by another. It was done for 8 batches of 10 kg size. Parameters were selected based on Pharmacopoeial standards. Optical sensing technique was first time taken as tool of study for any Ayurvedic Taila preparation.
Result: Mean of total time on flame was noted as 702 minutes with average of 10%. Saponification value changed slightly in different batches from 175 to 184. Similar range and means were noted for other parameters. In terms of optical sensing maximum absorbance was noted at 340 nm wavelength.
Discussion: Standard operating procedures is essential for any industry to manage the quality and homogeneity of products. Optical sensible sensing brings accuracy for batch-wise colour-based differences.
Key words: SOPs, Standard Operating Procedures, Masha Taila, Optical Sensing………….

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