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Peer Review Policy and Process

Peer Review Policy: Only completely written manuscripts submitted to our journal is assessed by specific editor for peer review. The decision to send to particular reviewer is independently taken by editor of individual specialization. The final decision to publish a manuscript is taken by editor based on reviews and quality of manuscript.

Process: Various basic criteria are followed:

  1. Double blind method is applied. It means neither reviewers nor authors are revealed to each other.
  2. Each manuscript is sent to minimum two reviewers.
  3. In case of contradictory opinions by reviewers, it may be sent to third reviewer, but the decision is taken by editor of specialization or group of editors.
  4. Personal criticism of author is not entertained.

Reviewers’ Opinion: Main contents of reviewers’ opinion include:

  1. Accept without changes
  2. Accept with minor changes
  3. Accept with major changes
  4. Revise and resubmit
  5. Reject the manuscript