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Multiple choice questions in Research Methodology

1. Which is the first step of research process?

a. Literature survey

b. Identification of problem

c. Writing of hypothesis

d. Finding the solution

2. Which is not true for selection of research problem?

a. Area of interest

b. Brainstorming of ideas

c. Making of hypothesis

d. Using keywords and indexes

3. Which is the type of research used to generate theory?

a. Phenomenal research

b. Case-study research

c. Grounded theory research

d. Historical research

4. Good research is:

a. Logical

b. Non-logical

c. Narrow

d. Systematic

5. Which is true one for observation?

a. Less time consumption

b. Less cost

c. Doesn’t answer why people behave in specific manner

d. All of the above

6. Which is the type of research depending upon the experience or observation of phenomena and events?

a. Adhoc research

b. Empirical research

c. Explanatory research

d. None of the above

7. A qualitative research question is:

a. Asks question about some process or phenomena to be explored

b. Is generally open-ended question

c. Both a and b are true

d. None of the above

8. Which is true as source/s of research problem?

a. Experience

b. Practical issues

c. Theory

d. All of the above

9. Which is the method concerned with the past and attempts to trace the past as a mean for present prospective?

a. Experiment method

b. Historical method

c. Survey method

d. None of the above

10. Which is not true for characteristics of survey method?

a. It gathers data from large number of cases at particular time

b. It involves definite objectives

c. It is involved with characteristic of individual

d. It determines the present trends and solves current problems

11. Which is wrong one for scientific thinking?

a. It is based on cause-effect relationship

b. It is highly objective and with personal prejudice

c. It employs hypotheses to verify the concepts

d. It utilizes accurate measurement and observation

12. Which is correct for hypothesis?

a. It is statement taking things for granted

b. It is simply accepted

c. It is falsifiable

d. It deals with restrictive condition

13. A research design includes all except:

a. Control over variables

b. Sampling design

c. Choice of research tools

d. Choice of statistical techniques

14. Which is not the problem of research design?

a. Biased sampling

b. Lack of confounding effect

c. Inadequate measurement

d. Lack of precision in statistical technique

15. Observation under controlled conditions is core of:

a. Survey method

b. Experimental method

c. Case-study

d. All of the above

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