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Editorial- September

Technological advancement has shaped the world in present forms of luxurious life for greater chunk of population. Still an alarming and perturbing condition about hunger was published on official website of World Health Organization (WHO) on 15th July of 2019. Report revealed 821.6 million people without having enough to eat in 2018 worldwide, a slight increase from previous year of 811 million people. The report further mentioned that 62.55% people belonged to Asia while 31.17% people were from Africa. A goal of sustainable development of zero hunger index of 2030 is set by WHO. It’s challenging to combat such a demon of hunger. Governments of countries falling behind in world hunger index, need to advance with better technological and scientific support to improve the conditions. Education for Good Agricultural Products (GAP) and linking GAP to nutrition and quality of natural products are better options as quality food itself work as medicine, mentioned in Ayurveda. Normal physiology and strength is maintained through food, so quality of food is instinctual to health.
In countries like India, food wastage is big problem and India ranks seventh in wastage of food (Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations). Publics’ training to utilize food efficiently and smartly can solve a bigger problem. Efforts are already started by governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding donations of food, still very small population is aware about these. Participation of women and children are important. Essential food safety techniques with day by day tracking system offer better solutions. Scientific and systematic production and utilization of agricultural products would not only make a good environment to live, but would also provide food to everyone. Charak Samhita Vimanasthana (3/9-11) specifies the indispensable relationship of nature, water, land and season. Maximum utilization of land with pollution control system and knowledge is mandatory to combat the challenge of hunger. College students can be utilized in providing training to common people.

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