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Editorial- September- 2022

             A work published in The Lancet dated on 29th August 2022 reveals the muscle pain and weakness after statin treatment for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Other studies mention various pathways for effects of statin on musculoskeletal system leading to muscle pain. Pathways include ubiquitin proteasome pathway, impaired signal transduction, abnormal fat oxidation, proteolysis, reduction in Q10 coenzyme etc. Lipid lowering effects of statin also affects peripheral nerves leading to muscle pain. Affects come in terms of disruption or disorganization of lipids of endoneurium and perineurium. These lipids are rich in linoleic acid, an important composition of sesame oil (Tila taila). Linoleic acid (n-6 PUFA) also reduces the risks of coronary heart diseases by bringing the favourable effects on serum lipids and insulin sensitivity as reported by Mozaffarian et al. (2005). Various other important constituents of sesame oil work together to reduce the muscular pain adopting different mechanism. That’s why sesame oil is preferred to as base of good numbers of medicated oil used in Snehapanato reduce pain.

            Senhapana is a treatment for painful conditions mentioned in Charak Chikitsasthana 28/75. Sesame oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols and lignans such as sesamin and sesamolin. Tocopherols provide defense mechanism against reactive oxygen species. The richness of vitamin E prevents the muscle and nerve damages. Sesame oil as vehicle with other compounds is shown to regularize the ubiquitin proteasome pathway in various studies. Sesame oil is rich in Q10 coenzyme too. Ameliorative effects of sesamol on impaired signal transduction is also reported.

            Other pharmacological effects of sesame oil are also disclosed as laxative, healing, skin smoothening, antibacterial etc. Various animal model studies have shown its effects in depression, hepatic steatosis, diabetic retinopathy, acute lung injury, ischemic brain stroke etc.  It means sesame oil may be a good alternative to statin, but it matters in terms of palatability.