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Medical education teaches students about the conditional approaches to make decision supported by scientific logics where understanding of contents and procedures is emphasized than memorizing without understanding. Still the teaching patterns in Ayurveda in many of colleges across India foregrounds the memorizing of verses than the scientific understanding of those verses, specifically when many of these verses have given clues to number of researches bringing revolution in medical science as genetic connection of Prakriti and its relationship with individual body and physiological alterations. Charak Samhita has always advocated for reasoning based logical study and accordingly qualities of students are mentioned in Sutrasthana 9/6. Yet modern concepts of intelligence and intelligent quotient (IQ) are not opted in present education of Ayurveda. Perception of IQ gives better options for discernment.
Fluid intelligent and crystallized intelligence are two parts of IQ as mentioned by Checa & Fernández-Berrocal (2015). Fluid intelligence is related to solving the problem and thinking logically about that problem being independent of acquired knowledge while crystallized intelligence refers to ability to utilize the acquired knowledge and experience. Working memory is based on acquired knowledge and experience. IQ is directly connected to scientific reasoning that involves critical thinking to content, procedure and knowledge. Scientific reasoning sets the foundation for anyone to understand the theories based on underlying mechanisms, important for decision-making and proper execution.
Continuous changes in medical education have also been noted across the globe based on needs in society and scientific advancements. Such changes are associated with scientifically logical understanding of those innovation and experiences to execute them. To adopt the condition being with scientifically advancing world, pattern of teaching and learning must be changed in medical education emphasizing on logical understanding and practical-based educations. Objective structured examination or execution-based questions should also be applied to evaluate students.