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Editorial- June

       Debates to claim certain system of medicine as better or worse than other is harebrained concept as the body does not recognize the system of medicine, but it responds to compounds (drugs) reflected by pharmacological researches. There is no space of claims in medical science. It is totally based on evidences with its sacred aim to serve the humanity with better health.
       A holistic approach of wellbeing is in core of Ayurveda while allopathy emphasizes on treatment of symptoms. At molecular level, the interpretation of mode of action of drugs used by both systems reveal similarity, only an expertise interpretation is required. Even, Charak Samhita Vimansthana 8/8 has recommended the rationalities and needed thinking capabilities for teachers.
       Recently, curcumin is presented as potential drug for Covid-19 in Silico models by Rattis and others (2021). The source of curcumin is Curcuma longa (Haridra), a drug used in Ayurveda for lungs, blood, liver etc. related problems. Such type of researches may be hints or clues for hundreds of similar new researches, if scientific reasoning is emphasized in Ayurvedic educational system with appropriate utilization of resources.
   An omniscient methodology is absolute necessity in Ayurveda at educational level to emphasize on rational scientific understanding of subject. Allied sciences automatically becomes important as Ayurveda is not only the medical science, but a science completely involved wth all aspects of health. Medicinal plants and pharmacy practices are part of Ayurvedic education. Lack of scientific approaches always make the question mark for Ayurvedic medicines as more than 30% drugs used are admixed. Even preparation of formulations is based on traditional instruments in number of cases. Innovations with inclusions of technology may bring better product after comparisons through researches. To explore Ayurveda at global stage, educationists (research doctorate or Ph.D.) from concerned allied sciences must be added in full capacity, specifically from medicinal plants, pharmacognosy and pharmacology. Such educationists must be able to correlate the present scientific scenario with existing Ayurvedic methodologies for the purpose of betterment of humanity.