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        Indian religious literatures unveil the spirituality in terms of connecting the soul of oneself with the supreme soul. A greater level of mediation and self-control are mandatory to achieve this. Researches have colligated the meditation and self-control with feelings of wellness and improvement in various disorders, especially those linked to nervous systems. The undisputed path of self-control is fasting. Charak Sutrasthana (C.Su.) 11/54 mentions fasting under spiritual therapy, others being rational and psychological.
             Recently, an article published in PLOS PATHOGENS refers to increase in microbiome-based colonization resistance and reduced inflammation in bacterial infection after fasting. Other researches have highlighted the beneficial effects of fasting in metabolic disorders, hypertension, chronic inflammatory diseases etc. Fasting is related with calorie reduction. The amount of reduction depends upon the duration of fasting.

       The time and sort of fasting is indicated in Ayurveda based on individual physiological bodies and psyches. It is contraindicated in anger, jealous, psychological abnormalities and pregnant ladies. Number of diseases are treated through fasting at initial stage as C.Su. 22/22 indicates treatment for diseases of little severity with fasting and thirst. Fasting is indicated in diseases borne from vitiation of blood (C.Su. 24/18). Alleviation of mobidity, kindling of digestive power due to fasting are specified in Charak Chikitsathana 3/140-141.
            Phillips (2019) specifies fasting in neurological diseases by optimizing the neuron bioenergetics and plasticity. Michalsen and Li (2013) have indicated fasting-induced neuroendocrine activation and hermetic stress response for reducing the mitochondrial oxidative stress. Researches disclose the use of fasting in cancer treatment. Fasting is also advocated in healthy person to prevent diseases.
      So, it can be inferred that fasting may be a tool for treatment of distinguished disorders or may assist with other treatments. Detailed scientific researches are required independently for specific disorder.