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Desmodium gangeticum (Linn.) DC.

It is an important medicinal plant, used as Laghupanchamoola of Dashmoola in Ayurveda. Roots are used as astringent, diuretic, antipyretic, nervine tonic, anthelmintic etc.

It is an undershrub, up to 120 cm in height. Leaves are unifoliolate. Leaflets are 4-13 x 3-8 cm in size, orbicular, ovate in shape, glabrous above and pubescent below. Flowers are in terminal raceme, violet to white in colour. Fruits are 1.2-2.5 cm long and 2.5 mm broad, subfalcate, upper suture slightly indented, lower deeply indented between the seeds.

Gangetin, gangetinin, desmodin and many other alkaloids are reported in root.

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