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Birthday Wishes To Founder Editor Of ARMARC- Honourable Aroor Ramesh Rao

‘Fame and glory, power and managing capacity, spiritual splendor, nourishment and other means of subsistence belongs to those who know divinity as simple and one’, a quote of Atharvaveda qualifies immaculately for the founder editor of ARMARC, Honourable Aroor Ramesh Rao. Born on 14th October 1929 in Brahmin family of first mayor of Udupi (Karnataka, India), Late Shri Aroor Lakshminarayana Rao, he acquired charity and working for poor and society as innate characteristic. All-time support from his wife, Reputable Aroor Shantha Rao strengthened his ideas of almsgiving. She was born on 23rd October 1936. The whole ARMARC family offer Best wishes of Their Birthdays. We pray god for their healthier lives for coming years.

Incredible contributions of both of them make the people of Koppa indebted to them as they selected Koppa, once a Kalapani of Karnataka to develop to Kashmir of Karnataka. The spiritual inclination and understanding of Honourable Aroor Ramesh Rao sir for Hindu philosophy with scientific discernment came in the form of book entitled, ‘Astrology Supplementing in Ayurvedic Healing’. Earlier, he also started Ayurvedic college to provide the knowledge of Indian Medicine in beautiful pollution free purified atmosphere of Koppa in Malnad. Healing capacity comes from hard labour to gain knowledge and blessings of God, he strongly believed and, therefore, founded a temple of Raghvendra Swami, a great devotee of lord Ram in campus of college.

Authenticity and transparency with focused goal to avail better life to people with self-dependency make him incredible professional. Time witnesses his successful leadership in all areas with instinctual growth to serve people for all basic needs. He dynamically cognized that ‘not any area or community can progress without education’. Education is fundamental to development and growth to achieve basic necessities. He started schools with provisions of free books, free uniform, free meals etc. He managed to provide them jobs based on their educational level in different parts of Karnataka utilizing his resources. His timely financial help to poor people in marriage and other costly affairs made him real philanthropist. His influences in political arena benefited Koppa to be given importance in government’s policy which opened new gates of development of area. Inspired by him, both deserving and undeserving people of this vicinity stirred their conscience to work on real issues of this area.


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