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Pharmaceutico-analytical Study of Ikshuradi Avaleha

*Dr. Harish Deshpande, PG Scholar, Dept. of RSBK, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Kumar Mishra, HOD, Dept. of RSBK, ALNRMAMC, Koppa
*Corresponding Author:

Abstract: Background: Sexual disorders are global problem since long past. Ayurevda has dealt this under section of Vajikaran. Many of formulations are suggested. These formulations are rich in carbohydrate and fatty acid. They are used to improve good physique, strength, vigour, complexion and above all potency. Still analytical or pharmacological researches are required.
Materials and Methods: The formulation was prepared with reference to Sahastrayoga. It was analyzed for organoleptic characters, physicochemical parameters like ash values, extractives values and pH. Preliminary phytochemical tests were done to check presence or absence various primary and secondary metabolites. Fluorescent tests were done using specific acid and bases. Quantitative assessment of total sugar and reducing sugar was done using spectrophotometer. Thin layer chromatography was done with reference to L-dopa.
Result: The formulation was graphite grey in colour with sweet pungent taste. Total ash value was found very less and solubility was more with aqueous solution. Primary metabolites like carbohydrate and protein were present. Glycosides, terpenoids etc. were observed present. Quantitatively total sugar percentage was very high. Thin layer chromatography revealed presence of L-dopa.
Discussion and conclusion: Fatty acids are involved in development and differentiation of spermatozoa. L-dopa is precursor of dopamine (DA) and DA works on erectile dysfunction through oxytocinergic neurons.
Key words: Ikshuradi Avaleha, Vajikaran, Physico-chemical Analysis, Thin Layer Chromatography ………..

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