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Legal Perspectives of Medical Practices in India

Law is enforced code of conduct by the machinery of sovereign state applied similarly on every citizen of nation. It is founded on philosophy of equality and right for everyone in any healthy society. Medical professionals being directly in contact of safety of human lives are more vulnerable to law enforcement agencies, but following the honest code of conducts and awareness of concerned legal matters make them legally abide reputed citizen. Concepts of conduct is practiced since antiquity in India as Indian philosophy of law and Ayurveda acknowledges them well. Any negligence or rashness on the part of medical professionals may result in loss of life (interfering with right to life and personal liberty), so enforced codes for good behaviours in general is applied in form of law. Indian Penal Code, Code of Crimial Procedures, Evidence Act and Consumer Protection Act provides tools to every citizen to get the right in case of deficiency of services or negligence or rashness in actions by medical professionals. Indian Medical Council Act and Good Clinical Practices provide guidelines to follow the law of land.

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