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June -2018: Formulation: Hutabhugadi Churna

Authors: Dr. Milind Hukkeri, Dr. Prashant Kumar Jha

(Ref: Sahastrayoga: Churnaprakarana: 22)

Ingredients: Each 1 part of Chitraka (Hutabhuga), Ajmoda, Sandhava lavana, Pippali and Maricha; 5 parts of Haritaki.
Method of Preparation: Fine powder of ingredient drugs are made by passing the powder through sieve number 85. They are mixed well to make homogenous blend and thereafter, passed through sieve number 85. The mixture is stored in amber colored, air-tight bottle to avoid moisture, light reaction and other contaminations.
Analytical Parameters
Organoleptic characters
1. Colour : Greenish-brown
2. Odour : Characteristic aromatic
3. Taste : Salty, astringent, pungent
Physico-chemical parameters
Foreign matter : 4.15%
Loss on drying at 105°C : 13.59%
Total ash : 1.24%
Acid insoluble ash : 0.87%
Water insoluble ash : 6.78%
Alcohol soluble extractives : 21.45%
Water soluble extractives : 39.25%
pH : 4.34 + 0.10
Therapeutic Indication: Digestive impairment, edema, anemia, piles etc.
Dose: 3 -6 grams

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