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Emergency Management of Netra Dagdha Vrana Case Report

Netra is an important sense organ. It is prominently exposed organ in the face, so more prone to abhighatas (accidental and occupational injuries). One such abhighataja vyadhi is the dagdha vrana. Present case presentation of dagdha netra vrana which occurred due to accidental exposure of eyes to arka dugdha (milky exudate from Calotropis plant) shows acute pathological condition of eye by affecting Krishna mandala (cornea) leading to vrana shukra (corneal epithelial erosion). Emergency treatment was done to avoid corneal ulcer and corneal opacity-blindness as conjunctival congestion, corneal edema etc. were already present when patient approached. Netra seka was selected as choice of kriyakalpa, using Yashti Ksheera Paka, along with an internal medicine. After 3 days of this treatment, 80% improvement was seen

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