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Editorial- May-2019

Mind is operational representation of brain. Intelligence, patience and memory are agnate to mind. Psycho-physical principle of body considers the interrelationship of mind to body and body to mind. Both mind and body complement to action. Any aberrant action performed by impaired intellect, self-control and memory is termed as Pragyaparadh as per Charaka Sharirasthana (C.S.) 1/102. Such aberrant actions lead to vitiation of all Dosha. Such vitiation brings imbalance of Dosha resulting in diseases.
Pragyaparadh is associated with misconception ensued from delinquency of wisdom or error in discernment of information. Philosophically, a metaphysical state of Pragyaparadh exists. Pragyaparadh is not limited to individual, but every segment of society is also affected through the wrong actions of one or more. Man-made changes in climatic conditions are result of Pragyaparadh of thousands for generations giving rise to new diseases and imalanced environment to breath.
Charaka has acknowledged the individualistic approach concerned with health and life. Any imprudent behavior or conduct is considered as Pragyaparadh. They are mental in origin but physical in application. C.S. 1/103-108 listed the actions under Pragyaparadh as forcible stimulation or suppression of urges, involvement in exertive actions and women, excessive or delayed action, wrong initiation of action etc. So, Pragyaparadh is connected with excessive use, no use or wrong use of brain and body for any action. These all indicate the imbalanced mental stages. Psychological problems related to feeling envious, fear, anger, greed, ignorance, intoxication and confusion are also observed as reasons of Pragyaparadh. Charaka holds Tamas and Rajas responsible for intellectual error. Such cases invite lots of physiological changes in body leading to alteration from normal condition. Neurotransmitters play an important role in all these activities of Pragyaparadh as they control all functions of body. Life-style disorders, psycho-somatic disorders and infections are best examples of Pragyaparadh.

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