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Editorial May 2018

         Understanding of composition of subject matters out of simpler components is more important than making subject complex to create a boundary of fear to enter. First is the case of classical teachers with well apprehended concepts while teachers without comprehended concepts make subjects complex. Misconception of subject is more dangerous than not understanding the subjects in medical education as lives of human beings are on direct stake.

           In real sense understanding contributes to knowledge. It leads to imagination. Logical imagination with efforts bestows to innovation and inventions. Medical education is based on expressive cognition of concepts in practical manner. Interestingly a trend is observed in Ayurvedic education where students are suggested to memorize everything rather than understanding the concepts and techniques to explore the topics by their own way in correlation with existing diseases or available information. Such ideas of teaching and learning is not only against the philosophy of higher education and professionalism but restricts the imagination capabilities of students in number of cases. This can be implied in light of the standard of Ayurvedic education being a subject of great concerns for Government of India in recent past even after various educational norms and regulations were imposed by Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM). Policies are framed with ideas of resources available with institutions involved in Ayurvedic education. But hardly any assessment criterion is there to judge the quality of study in students studying in institution satisfying all criteria based on infrastructure. An individual study shows impractical understanding of subjects amongst students with well infrastructure even.

       A detailed surgery by the government is required to enhance the education as education is a scientific art of transmission of knowledge, skills and attitude from one generation to next through teaching, training and practicing to improve the skills. Medical education becomes more important than other branches of science as it is directly concerned to human life and well-being. This needs better understanding of subjects than mere memorizing without knowing the practicability.

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