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Editorial- May

A horrendous second wave of COVID-19 have stunned the people, administration and whole healthcare system of India with greater number of unexpected deaths. Records are flying. Lack of communication between senior leaders, scientists and public may be the main cause. Reasons may be thousands. Apart from external factors, good number of internal factors are suggested or claimed by scientists and doctors viz., weakened immunity, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. But, still detailed studies are awaited to find the relationship of various variants of genes related to ACE2 and severity of cases among the COVID-19 patients. Studies on Entrez gene 59272 shows that the protein encoded by this gene is a functional receptor of spike glycoprotein of COVID-19 viruses (HCoV-NL63).

Gene related to Innate immune is found impaired by inhibition of nuclear mRNA export in a separate study (Finkel et al., 2021). Authors have further shown that such inhibition leads to prevention of assessing the ribosomes by transcribed cellular mRNA. So, changes in normal functioning of organs directly or indirectly related to ACE2 can be observed for long term. The reason is quite enough to show the increased risk of death due to various related diseases in post-infection of corona. Jagannathan and Wang (2021) revealed the durability of immunity in relation to long-lasting T cell immunity in infected individuals. It means chances of burden of diseases concerned to ACE2 also increase.

The restraining capacity of retinoic acid-inducible gene-I (RIG-I) against SARS CoV-2 replication in human lungs cells in a type I/III interferon has been expressed independently (Yamada et al., 2021). It is further revealed that anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity can be restored through all-trans retinoic acid treatment. All-trans retinoic acid is naturally present in plasma and other tissues inside the body. Biosynthesis of all-trans retinoic acid inside the body is regulated by specific gene. Means gene is in core.  

It would be a clue to handle different variants of COVID-19, if any relationship between severity and specific pattern of gene in deceased could be established. Further, comparative study of diet patterns of deceased and recovered may also be helpful to check the severity.