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Editorial- March

Viruses are autonomous infectious complexes consisting of protein and RNA or DNA genome. Enveloped viruses have lipid layers in addition to protein and nucleic acid.  They lack cellular structure and metabolic processes, but they are obligatory pathogens utilizing host’s cellular molecules and structures for their survival and propagation.

Recently in Wuhan, China spread of Corona virus has taken the form of pandemics. The chances of killings by this virus are in millions. Chinese reports show it in controlled manner. Deaths started in Europe and USA. A joint-mission by WHO-China conducted from 16th to 24th February published findings as 78,959 cases in China while 4351 cases in 49 other countries. WHO estimates higher risks at global level. It is not just an epidemic, but is taking the shape of pandemic.

Charak Samhita Vimansthana 3 deals with epidemics by name of Janpadoddhwansneeya. It means can destroy the complete Janpada (state or country). It is mentioned that effects on individual bodies differ according to physical constitution of individuals. However, air, water, land and time are suggested as causative factors. Time will disclose the detailed study of corona virus of COVID-19. Details of causative factors are also mentioned in Charak Samhita. Adoption of preventive measures, enhancing immunity, following truthfulness, charity and enchanting mantras are given as line of treatments for epidemics in general. Many of these will not be accepted by modern scientific world without proofs.    

More than 20 vaccines are being tested for clinical trial across the globe as reported by WHO. It is suggested to all countries to educate people regarding corona virus and precautions to be taken to avoid the effects. 10 basic precautionary things are suggested by WHO where maintenance of cleanliness using disinfectants is common. Ayurveda may again play a pivotal role in terms of immunity boosting to sustain the effects of this pandemic at global level.