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Editorial- March-2019

The foundation of Ayurveda lies on philosophy. Greater portion of Ayurvedic teaching is based on Sankhya, Vaisheshika and Nyaya philosophy. Scientific apprehension of these philosophical aspects open the door for practical applications. Critical analysis of verses has got validations after years of practical executions. Indications are recommended based on capacity of rational thoughts or inference. Proofs (Pramana) have occupied an important space for discernment. Continuous observations with agreement and differences of experimental methods supported by proofs have strengthened Ayurveda. The basic of philosophy lies with similar approach where ideas and thoughts deduced from practical experiences are implied for the development of theories. Charak Samhita Vimanasthana 8/8 evidently refers to uninterrupted taste for theory and practice with power of reasoning and memory for teaching of Ayurveda. Sympathetic disposition along with unbiasedness, enthusiasm and love for study are basic qualities of teachers and disciples. Inquisitiveness for truth is in core of Ayurveda. The same is stand of research too. So, Ayurveda invites new researches and ideas. It cannot be restricted under the boundary of limited approaches of thoughts. Hints are given for honest and continuous efforts to acquire the knowledge.

The philosophy apparently indicates the supremacy of conceptual understanding for learning. A proper comprehension with reproducibility is indispensable. The problem in present teaching and learning of Ayurveda emphasizes more upon memorizing than understanding of concept. Philosophically, understanding should be followed by memorizing as the basics of learning steps agree in sequence of acquisition, interpretation, storage and reproducibility. Understanding and memorizing are mutually dependent process for enhanced learning. Government’s approaches in recent past have tried a lot for research based teaching in Ayurveda for reproducibility. Still more space of improvements is sought in these cases to keep the philosophy of Ayurveda alive with worldwide acceptance.


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