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Editorial- March

The precarious condition generated after deteriorating climate is alarming. Many of diseases are linked with different types of pollutions. Air pollution is one of dangerous factor connected with different types diseases of respiratory and other systems.
Recently, International Journal of Obesity reported in one of articles about association of early exposure to air pollution to obesity in children. In a longitudinal study of Spain including 416,955 children, 34.2% developed obesity. A strong association was observed with exposure to NO2, PM10, and PMcoarse. A more specific study is reported in Nature Scientific Reports displaying the pathological impacts of specific parameters on health. Researchers studied Hispanic group of children (6-8 years) in California exposed to 1 day- 12 month averages for PM2.5, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH456), elemental carbon. CpG methylation of immune-regulatory (FoxP3, IL-4, Il-10 and IFN-gamma) genes is reported. Such methylation is related to stimulus-specific transcriptional programs (changing protein patterns) leading to immune system pathology of blood, infections and autoimmune diseases. Release of proinflammatory and vasoactive factors contribute to cardiopulmonary pathology. Acute exposure of ozone, carbon monoxide and PM2.5 is shown leaving impacts on monocytes and T helper cells while B cells, CD8+ cells and CD4+ cells are associated with acute and chronic exposure of NO2, NOX and PAH456. It means air pollution is directly linked to immune profile of cells and blood pressure other than immune-regulatory genes. All related pathological condition are possible due to air pollution. So, the quality of air is essential for life of everyone.
Pollution is given importance in Ayurveda too as Charak Samhita Vimanasthana 3/6(1) clearly mentions the importance of quality of air for healthy life. It should be devoid of unwholesome smell, gases, smoke, ashes and sand. Sand can be taken synonymous to particulate matter. An elaborative approach is needed to explain about the air pollution contributing factors in terms of words referred by Charak Samhita.