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Editorial June-2019

Sincere and responsible approach of World Health Organization (WHO) is reflected in an adopted resolution of 28th May 2019. The resolution is on improving transparency of markets of health products including medicines, vaccines and others. WHO recommends its member states to share information on clinical trial results and other laboratory reports to public as they have right to know the price-control determinants for product/s, they are using. WHO secretariat is requested to support the movement. The purpose lies with affordability and availability of health products as a part of advancing universal health coverage. An estimated reports reveals that about 2 billion people have no access to essential drugs. Over 90% of these population live in countries of low and middle income groups. Ethically no one should be denied from life-saving intervention.
Miserable medical cases and sufferings were reported to WHO after number of researches where people are dying due to lack of medicines. Millions of such deaths owes to lacking medical facilities. Medical profession is far away from the boundary of nations, completely insisting on importance of humanity. Roadmap of WHO should clarify the role of member states to fulfill the requirement in detailed ways. People of underdeveloped countries and developing countries are real sufferers.

Governments of underdeveloped and developing countries must make their preferences and rules clear on importance of health for everyone. The gap between local health system and infrastructure should be solved by these countries. Biggest share of health-budget is utilized in payment of staffs. Governments of these countries have to move forward to curb any shortfall in access to life-saving medicines and equipments.
Research and development programs are lacking behind speedily in poor countries. Dependencies automatically come to those pharmaceuticals in developed countries who are still investing on new drugs. These pharmaceutical companies used to earn in many folds of real investment on any medicine. WHO has tried to limit their licentious money making process by this welcome approach.


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