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Editorial- January 2020

rain plays an important role in maintaining the health as physical, mental and social well-being, revealed by many researches. An article published in Brain Plasticity online on 26th December 2019 exhibits contribution of Yoga in alimentation of brain health. The work is summarized on positive effects for brain structure and function from Yoga practices, assessed through imaging techniques. The ultimate aim of Yoga is control of thought in mind or comprehension of Atman. Five kinds of thought-waves are mentioned in Patanjali Yogasutra viz., right knowledge, wrong knowledge, verbal delusion, sleep and memory. Different postures in practices of Yoga are associated with stretching of muscles and stimulation of nerves of specific area of the body. Stimulation of nerves is directly linked to perception, a source of right or wrong knowledge.
In an interesting finding, Gothe et. al. (2018) observed that structure of left-hippocampus was greater among the practitioners of Yoga. Hippocampus is connected with semantic memory. Verbal and visual-spatial type semantic memories are encoded by left and right hippocampus. Verbal delusion is corrected through this. Some of studies have revealed the similar effects of Yoga practices and aerobic exercises in cognition. Yoga works through multiple pathways directly or indirectly to enhance the brain health as positive effects are noted related to volume of frontal, limbic, occipital and cerebellar zones in different studies.
Barnes and colleagues (2012) have shown the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases through transcendental meditation in an article published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Schneider et. al. (2019) exhibited the stress reduction and prevention of left ventricular hypertrophy though transcendental meditation in a randomized controlled trial. Meditation or concentration, an important part of Yoga works through control of neurotransmitters. Involvement of neurotransmitters is proven on every physiological system of the body, so direct or indirect effects of Yoga are expected on these systems, only researches can expose the mysteries.

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