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Editorial: December (2019)

Rigveda 10/129/1-4 cites the presence of desire before the existence of life. In present context, desire is taken with reference to universality of energy. Rule of nature always works on phenomenon of energy balance of various forms. Synchronization of differnt forms of energy is important for better functioning. Even every single living cell follows the same rule. Human brain is not apart from this. The principle of consciousness in Indian philosophy deals about the unification of energy of mind and soul with universal energy. It means attaining the capabilities to synchronize the brainwaves of specified stimulus with frequency of universal energy. Consciousness is state of cognition of self and materials in surrounding or sometimes sensations of presence of any form of energy in contacts of our brain. It is subjective states of awareness in connection with factual realization. In an article published in Scientific Reports on 23rd July 2015, Arvid et. al. (2015) revealed the experience of invisible body through transfer of sensation. In another study, Reinis (1996) has discussed increased neuronal activity in specific part of brain in case of more awareness. It is step-wise input of sensory information.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra considers meditation as tool to enhance the state of awareness as meditation is science of introspection. In Buddhism, consciousness is taken in terms of fundamental conception of everything. Moments of consciousness are important as one is attached to another. It is connected with comprehension. Different lobes play pivotal role for rationalization and synchronization with stored materials. Lee et. al. (2018) revealed the changes in cortical and subcortical activities due to meditation with activation of different regions of brain. Kyeong (2017) disclosed the increased function connectivity relations with balanced heart rates after meditation while Kilpatrick et. al. (2011) exposed the increased connectivity with sensory networks between regions after attentional processes. Even the density of gray matter was observed increased in regions involved . Many of mysteries can be unfolded through more scientific studies on relationship of consciousness with neuronal connection.

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