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Editorial- December-2018

Healthy citizens make a nation successful. They boost national wealth to make their country great. Health is directly related with complete nutritional meals. Deprivation or undernourishment raise the questions on healthy and productive life as noted by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United States of America and such condition is referred as hunger. Hunger is biggest hurdle for sustainable development of any nation. Recently published Global Hunger Index shows the alarming conditions for 45 countries out 119 countries that were ranked. The ranking was based on undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting and under five child mortality rate. India ranked on 103rd place slipping 3 points down from previous year. It is horrible condition where our policies emphasize on development. It is time to reanalyze the reasons with insurances to eradicate this hidden devil.

A goal oriented program is urgency of time with inclusions of health sectors to train the people for healthy and nutritious foods. Government also needs basic infrastructure where poor and underprivileged people can get the benefits. Private sectors on the basis of participation and charity can be involved to reduce the financial burden on government. This can be made mandatory with profits earned in sectors or with turnover. Food habits and maternal negligence towards the nutritional meal are observed as biggest culprit in situation which can be solved through compulsion-based training programs. Motivational programs with projects at university level may also help the system to achieve the target, but in all cases time-bound goal is necessitated.

Swaccha Bharat Abiyaana was a great endeavor which could not get successes at ground level due to lack of public participation and more show up by involved people to appease government and seniors. If policies of achievement and promotion are amalgamated with reality exposure through visual presentation, a better clean world can be accomplished. A healthy nation, a strong nation is not a dream for us but right and duty of every Indian to attain that. Every single step in these regards is contribution in nation-building.

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