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Editorial- August

Indian philosophy contemplates unveiling of inner self as ultimate goal of human life mentioned in atma doctrine of Upanishad. Taittiriya Upanishad in its Brahmanada Valli chapter refers to Panchkosha or five-sheaths path as Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vigyanmaya and Anandmaya for understanding the psycho-metaphysical stand points of inner significance leading to practical aspects of spiritualism acknowledging the atma. Annamaya kosha is permeated by remaining kosha while Pranamaya kosha spreads through three kosha as Manomaya, Vigyanmaya and Anandmaya. Manomaya kosha extends through Vigyanamaya and Vigyanamay through Anandmaya. These kosha are not mutually exclusive.
Annamaya kosha covers the whole physical body as it is basis of required energy for functioning, growth or any action. Annamaya kosha provides vital energy or life force (Prana). Prana is binding force for body, mana and atma. It works on every cells of any living organism and is essential for functioning of these cells. Prana is called as ‘Universal life’. Inner to Pranamaya kosha, lies Manomaya kosha. It controls manas or mind including all senses. The functional capacity of this kosha is derived from Pranamaya kosha whereas in return this gets freedom of choice. Thinking, curiosity and selection of works are related with mind. In advanced
stage, mind provides the path of critical screening of anything and, here the intellect sheath or Vigyanmaya kosha comes in existence. It provides the apprehension of truth or falsehood and good or bad based on logics. Discernment and performance of good karma or actions is concluding aim of this kosha.
Rational inference of truth and good leads to Anandmaya kosha (sheath of bliss or joy). It is enjoyer of all fruits of actions. It is mmediate causal body of atma as realization of truth removes the thought of sorrow and that directs to self-manifestation. Self-manifestation is highest level of consciousness which governs the cognition of inner self or atma (soul) and that is in real sense spiritualism or knowing of pure form of atma or Brahmana and, this paves the way to erase the difference of microcosm from macrocosm for Parambrahm or supreme soul.

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