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JAMA Pediatrics online on 29th July 2019 revealed that the trend of prescribing drugs of cold and cough is decreasing in USA. Such declining trend of use came in light of recommendation of American Academy of Pediatrics to avoid cold and cough medicines in children younger to 4 years. The suggestions are for Acetaminophen and saline nasal spray. USFDA on 2nd August 2008 published on its website that children below 2 years should not be given any drugs for cold and cough. Recommendations came after observations and researches for frequent use of codeine or hydrocodone among children for cold and cough. Alteration in visuo-motor coordination was well noted side-effect. However, USFDA suggests to use antihistamines in controlled way, still antihistamines are allowed. Recent researches show that switching over of practitioners to antihistamines is alarming, as it may be weakening the immune system.
In India, Dextromethorphan, Pseudoephedrine, Cholrpheniramine etc. are frequently prescribed by physicians to children. These all drugs have been already reported with CNS related effects, particularly dizziness, confusion, hallucinations etc.
Ayurvedic medicines specifically based on herbal formulations have comparatively least side-effects. Their various mechanisms are dealt by distinguished authors. Uses of basil, garlic, ginger, curcuma, pepper, salts etc. are mentioned in Ayurveda. Sahouo et. al. (2003) have reported the in vitro inhibitory effects of basil in soyabean lopoxygenase L-1 and cyclooxygenase functions positively. Kyo et. al. (1997) have demonstrated the inhibitory effects of garlic extract in antigen histamine release by mouse anti-TNP monoclonal antibody IgE- mediated skin reaction system. Kawamoto (2016) disclosed the antiallergic effects of ginger in IgE-mediated hypersensitivity using mouse allergy model. Kurup and Barrios (2008) have noted immunomodulatory effects of curcumin and its role in amelioration of allergy.
Many of other herbs are also reported in cold and cough. A detailed mechanism of individual compound from these herbs is need of time for strengthening the claims and prescirptions of Ayurveda.

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