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Clinical Evaluation of Chandyadi Lepa for Dandruff

Professor (Dr.) Sandeep N. Mannopantar, Dept. of RS & BK,
Bapuji Ayurvedic Medical College, Challkere


Dandruff is a common problem affecting around 50% of population, prevalent in age-groups of 14-50 years old. Flakes, itching, hair fall etc. are common symptoms. Suffering people usually get embarrassed in social environment due to this. High relative humidity of scalp hairs with sebum provides suitable conditions for the development of colony of Malassezia species, main culprits of dandruff. It was observed during study that patients with severe cases of dandruff prefer to modern medications. However, Ayurveda is having options with least side-effects. Ayurveda considers symptoms due to vata and khapha. Chandyadi lepa is one of Ayurvedic formulations which gives result in controlling flakes, relieving from itching and erythema, bringing back the sensitivity to skin of scalp and restoring hairs from falling. The chemical compounds of ingredients have potentials to work on conditions by various modes of actions, only detailed screenings are required………..

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