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A Girl’s Psychology in Her Way…….

Sowmya Pillai,
4th year BAMS,
ALN Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppa.

Who is a girl? What does she think? Does it matter? Well frankly, speaking it does matter what she thinks that who is she. Well, she is a person, a young woman who is trying her best to be accepted by the way she is, a person who doesn’t stop thinking, a person who is ready to change her world, so that she is accepted by the world. She is a brave and free soul who just thinks a lot, and what she thinks, is under impression of her psychology. She just wants to be free and not like a canary in the cage………….

Women a beautiful creation of god with diversified incarnation in a single life.  An adorable doll of parents, a naughty sister of brothers and sisters, a lovable compassionate wife who is twine to mother, who is a complete world of a newborn. During this journey of affection and responsibilities, any laureate will hardly speak about her personal thinking, especially at age before marriage. Sky is open to fly and carrier seems to ‘touch get its way’. To define Sky for an individual girl is laid in mind even before the stage of adolescence by family backgrounds and exposure to world.

People talk “girl’s grow faster”, but who cares what has gone through the mind of that soul, who takes in as a beautiful woman. When she was supposed to enjoy childhood from that time teaching of “being a girl” starts. Preaching to differentiate herself from boys starts. A sudden burden on mind to feel inferior set out initiates. She is compelled to think and follow, if not by family, then by society or under social obligations. YES, ‘girls grow faster’, not physiologically but mentally too. Mentally developing a psyche of differentiation, a psyche to prove this society and world wrong for limiting her. Sometimes a psyche to achieve the best crest while psyche with broken heart and feeling of inferiority

Still the process of psyche building is greatly influenced by ambience. Where she is brought up by home, school or any other segment of school foundation.

A girl’s psychology is different in different situations, she will think differently accordingly, there are various situations in which she will act accordingly. All girls are unique and hence each are beautiful, pure, loyal, kind and happy in their own way, they are all themselves.

Here, we consider the age group of girls where their mind is a tornado and always in the world of thinking. The age group of 16-24 because these girls are in world where they have to proof themselves and be different for the world and they are running a run for winning.

Several states of psyche play roles accordingly as:

  • Being among society

It’s typical girls’ tendency that they think people in their surrounding are staring them and talk about them. They have this insecurity that they are being judged. Feeling that their one mistake can count on their reputations and get trapped within their soul by the rest of the world. Hence, she will have this thirst to proof her life, her capability, her style and standards. But there are few girls who will have their charms to lure souls and she will grow stronger and stronger.

  • Among relatives

It’s frustrating to be live the life others way of imagination. That frustration is seen in girls when their own relatives expect them to be like their need. She will feel like she is not herself. She is always under pressure to change herself and follow their set of rules and orders of mechanism. Time is changing and now girls prefer to stand up for themselves and talk against these people because it’s their life. Normally it’s a great thing that she stood up but in mindset still forces to realize that she is becoming the bad person in the family by doing this against family and her reputation. Girls are having this capability that she can make anyone fall for her words and if she uses her magic she can change everyone’s hearts.

  • With parents

Girls mind is in a different path when she is between her parents. She is happy and avoids showing any worries. She doesn’t actually tell them what is in her mind. She will have this mask covering for her because she won’t want her parent’s worries for her problem, so chooses to hide it. She will bring sky and earth together to make them proud of having her as she feels they are everything and everything like God for her. Remember all girls are not same, there are few who share everything with her parents. She will be so free with them that it won’t mind her or bother her. But few will feel the opposite.

  • With classmates

Usually classmates have not seen the real person. Exceptions are there when someone is so near and dear that she understands friend. If the girl is silent that doesn’t mean she is not violent, well she can be. Among classmates there will be a very few who will actually know the true colors and the other will be the side-water of her life. If she feels she is avoided she will come in spotlight. If she is already the star she won’t let others to shine, but remember not all are same there will be others who will love and delighted to let others shine as well. Few will be greedy and possessive. They will get self-centered or few won’t give a damn.  At same time friendship is something girls value and care. They’ll be being whole different world when she is with her friends. They follow the policy that when there is a body, there is a soul. Friends are like a part of their own soul for them. Hence never ever think that girls don’t value, they do but every girl has a different way to exhibit their feelings.

  • While being an achiever

Now here is a twist, this is the time when a girl’s mind can get its originality and all fakeness can get gone, when her friend or almost friend becomes an achiever and she is not in that position that time, the true, within girl can be seen. Few will be jealous, rude commenters, a bottle so negativity which might make the achiever a low, but at the same time there will be few who will be complete opposite, a basket of happiness. They will find their happiness in their friends, and others will be like no worries attitude. Girls can be a great actress because they are never true to their self, the time when they are, that day they’ll feel free.

  • Benefit gainers

Now, there are few really unpredictable souls among girls their mind makes them be like that, or they are like that, it’s their choice. These girls are only friendly when they have any benefits, this type is few but they are there. Remember a person is judged by his or her company. For some girls, self dominates everything.  But these type of girls only value when they gain any advantages by people through whom they get. People just be careful because such girls can be dangerous they might not even look back once their work is done.

  • Being among children

This is fun, who doesn’t like children’s? Girls love them !! they will do anything to be with them. Why? because kids make them happy, their mind is free and open, they don’t need to worry about anything when they are with them. They are cherishing every moment dearly. Their soul feels transparent and mind empty to feel something new. She will be herself no hiding just herself, there will be funny, enjoyment, laughter, and responsibilities, a girl sees her past in that kid and she gets mesmerized by that.

  • Alone

Never think a lone and lonely girl is innocent, as its already told their mind is a tornado, that tornado might swallow you, if someone comes to torment her. There might be times when she is actually not thinking anything but there are times when she is nonstop thinker. That moment when she is lone let her be, because she needs her space and silence, she will recollect every part of her life which she has experience and question herself, about why she was like that? She might cry but that doesn’t make anyone to enter her space without permission. She will feel up and down, and then within few moments she might even smile, she is a complete different person that time, a person who will trying best to change and get accepted in the society, friends, relative, children, parents and by herself. Never make a girls feel so low of herself that she has to sit alone and try to judge herself, there might be few who believe in being alone but then believe is always for a different reason. The psychology makes them what they are when we accept them like they are it becomes easy to read them.

Lots are there to talk, to communicate in real sense to speak girls but it’s true that to understand a girl is mind twisting job. But by thinking the way they think make this job comparatively easier.


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