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A Clinical Study on Efficacy of Karpuranjana in Avarana Shukla (Corneal Opacity)

*Dr. Dattatraya Yalagi, Associate Professor, Department of Shalakyatantra
Corresponding Author: [email protected], 9145204407
Dr. Ninad Sadvilkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Samhita-siddhant
Dr. Sachin Utpat, Associate Professor, Department of Panchakarma
MES Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Lote, Tal. Khed, Dist.- Ratnagiri, M.S.


Abstract: Background: Corneal opacity is one of the leading causes of blindness or impairs vision causing disturbance in daily activities. There is no any proven effective medicine or treatment except Keratoplasty for corneal opacity in modern ophthalmology. Considering clinical presentation, it can be correlated with Avrana Shukla mentioned in Ayurveda.
Objectives: To study the efficacy of Karpuranjana in Avrana Shukla.
Materials and Methods: Clinical trial was conducted in two groups having 30 patients in each. Trial group patients were given Karpooranjan on daily basis for 15 days. In control group, deionized water was advised for local application for 15 days. Assessment was done on basis of improvement of vision and reduction in size of corneal opacity.
Result: After comparing, partial relief was seen more in trial group which was 24 % in Nebula type and 4% in macular type of corneal opacity patients as Nebula is superficial and thin in opacity.
Discussion: Lekhana, Tikshna, Vranaropak and Laghu properties of Karpuranjana have worked to reconstruct the corneal epithelium in normal way. These gunas helped in reducing area of opacified cornea as well as the chakshusya property of both karpura and vatkshir resulted in vision improvement of the patients.
Conclusion: Karpuranjana was more effective in superficial Avrana shukla. Another trial of prolonged or continuous use may reduce area of corneal opacity resulting in decrease in number of corneal blindness.
Key words: Corneal opacity, Karpuranjana, Anjana karma, Avrana Shukla………..

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