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A Clinical Comparative Study on Deepaniya Mahakashaya and Shunthi Kashaya in the Management of Ajeerna

*Dr. Devika D. Shetty, PG Scholar, Dept. of Samhita and Siddhanta, AMV, Hubli
Prof. (Dr.) J.R. Joshi, HOD, Dept. of Samhita and Siddhanta, AMV, Hubli
*Corresponding Author:

Received: 11-04-20       Corrected Received: 19-7-20       Accepted: 05-08-20 

Abstract: Background: Agni has a significant role to maintain shareera swasthya as pachakagni helps in conversion of aahara in bala, which is responsible for all the shareera kriyas and swasthya. Vitiated Agni results in vyadhi utpatti viz., Ajeerna.
Materials and Methods: 40 patients were selected based on inclusion criteria of Ajeerna of age group 20-60 years of either sex were participated in the study. They were randomly divided into two groups, Group A received Deepaneeya Mahakashaya and Group B Shunti Kashaya. Symptoms based parameters like Vibandha, Atipravritti, Glani, Maruta moodhata, Vishtambha, Gourava, Bhrama and Anannabhilasha caused due to Agnidushti were evaluated for the study.
Result: Individually both groups exhibited significant result for undertaken subjective parameters. Slight differences were noted based on mean and percentiles for specific subjective parameter. Comparison between groups didn’t reveal significant differences for any of taken parameters.
Discussion: Deepaniya mahakashaya corrects the Agni dushti by its katu rasa, laghu, rooksha guna, ushna veerya and katu vipaka along with deepaniya, pachaniya and anulomana karma. Shunti Kashaya also correct the Ajeerna by katu rasa, laghu, snigdha guna, ushna veerya and madhura vipaka along with deepaniya pachaniya, grahi as well as anulomana karma.
Key words: Ajeerna, Mahadeepaniya mahakashaya, Shunthi kashaya ………..

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