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Resemblance of Navaptrika Used In Durga-puja With Socio-medical Reason: A Short Essay

Word sanatana is used in Rigveda 4th Mandala, 20th Sukta, 6th chhanda as which is known from ancient time. In 3rd Mandala, 54th Sukta, 9th chhanda also, the word is related with its origin. Sanatana dharma is religion of people based on truth and duties towards humanity and nature. Symbolic representations of gods are after various powers and rituals are based on scientific necessities. The Devi Bhagwata Mahapurana suggests Adishakti as orginal creator, observer and destroyer of universe or everything or even gods. She is truth. She is nature. She is without form or she is with every form. Her various forms are related or attached with specific need of human being. So people please respective forms of Maa Adishakti on individual day of Navaratra (9 nights), usually celebrated in Chaitra and Ashwin month every year.

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